To express your appreciation to the Manleys

At the event, there will be an album and stationery for you to write personal messages. You can also bring letters, photos, artwork, etc. for the album. 

If you'd like to honor the Manleys with a donation to one of their favorite charities, you can contribute to: 

the Dartmouth Grange,

the Dartmouth Historical and Arts Society or 

the Shriners Burn Unit. 

Donations can made directly or at the event where a collection box for checks will be available.   

Helpful guidance from the Dartmouth Grange: 

If you want to be sure the Manleys know of your contribution, it’s fine to mention it in person, in a note, or in the memo section of your check or paypal transaction: “We show our gratitude to the Manleys with this  contribution.”  It's a good idea to include your mailing or e-mail address for acknowledgement.